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Company Profile

For over 25 years Schlyer Machine has manufactured quality cage washing equipment for the Life Sciences Research field. SMC has developed the most reliable machinery available to the industry today. SMC's unique combination of experience, capabilities and people provides a strong foundation for the success of your research program, today and in the future. Allow SMC to demonstrate how our appropriate technology, simplicity, durability and ease of service will work for you everywhere in your vivarium washroom.

Products and Services

Schlyer Machine (SMC) has been a manufacturer of the highest-quality animal cage washers, rack washers, bottle washers, bottle fillers (automatic and manual) and accessories for the Life Sciences Research Field since 1977.

Everything for the Vivarium Washroom
1. Schlyer Machine offers the same extreme quality and reliability which we offered in 1977, when the company began. SMC manufactured all of the equipment sold under the Basil® Equipment name until 1985.

2. SMC's commitment to our ideals of simplicity, quality, durability and ease of service make our Cage Washers, Bedding Dispensers, Bottle Fillers and all of the equipment and accessories the best value available.

3. Schlyer Machine's manufacturing philosophy of using 100% non-proprietary parts and our 100% Made In The USA promise offer our customers high performance and extended life with no requirement for expensive maintenance contracts.

Terms and Conditions

1. After the machine is installed, SMC technical personnel will start it up, fully commission and validate proper operation and instruct the end user and his maintenance staff in the operation of the machine.

2. Machine will be shipped in a knocked-down condition such that all parts will pass through a 36" wide man-door. SMC personnel will re-erect the machine and certify it to factory specifications. Connection to the building utilities will be by others.

Terms of SALE: Price is FOB Jobsite, Set Up, Prices are exclusive of any applicable State or Federal taxes or fees.

Payment Terms Strictly Net Thirty Days.

Delivery: Approximately 120 days from date of drawing approval.


SMC warrants the equipment to be free from defects in quality and workmanship for One Year from date of installation. This is a full parts and labor warranty. No service contract is required, nor should you consider it money well spent. Telephone support from the factory is free for the life of the equipment, and an on-board diagnostics and simple-to-operate systems make user troubleshooting and repair a reality.