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Scrapping Stations

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Scrapping Stations

Our bedding scrapping stations provide a means of collecting the waste from small animal cages and trays in a container for removal and disposal.

The units are designed to capture dust from the area around the scrapping grid. Capture ability will be dependent on volume and static pressure of the exhaust system* supporting the station. Desgned within the station shall be air flow baffles to cause air flow to occur around the entire perimeter of the scrapping grid area.

A damper shall be built into the table to allow air flow rates to be fully controlled.

A filter shall be provided in the exhaust duct and shall be easily removable by operator.

The exhaust from the station shall be drawn from around the entire perimeter of the scrapping grids.

*The negative air pressure exhaust system shall be supplied and installed by others.

Construction: The Down Draft Type Bedding Scrapping Station shall be all T304 stainless-steel construction. All welding shall be heliarc, with all exposed welds ground and finished to match surround areas.

  • Station Supports - 16 GA stainless-steel tubing
  • Station Body - 16 GA stainless-steel
  • Scrapping Grids - 1/4 x 1 stainless-steel
  • Damper - 16 GA stainless-steel and round bar
Model Scrapping Grid Area Clearance from Floor Overall Machine Add to Quote
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  Wide Deep   W D H  
BSS-1DD Single Station18"18"34"30"30"42"Add to quote
BSS-2DD Double Station18"18"34"60"30"42"Add to quote