GD 600

The GD 600 is a cabinet dedicated to the drying of large quantity of glassware and plastic or metal items normally used in scientific and research laboratories.

This unit has 5 separate drying injection connections allowing the use of all the dedicated LAB 600 and LAB 610 series washing carts as loading

All the levels are equipped with telescopic bearing rails allowing the complete extraction of the glassware loading shelves for a convenient
loading and unloading job. Shelves can be easily removed providing maximum flexibility through multiple chamber configurations, depending on
the height of the loaded items.

The electronic programmable microprocessor allows the use of 2 adjustable drying programs set as standard with a duration time of 20 and 30 minutes. An additional program is dedicated to maintain temperature.

By skipping the drying phase using an external device, the automatic glassware washer can be loaded for the next cycle earlier. This combination
provides the same throughput of glassware as 3 or 4 individual LAB 600 / LAB 610 glassware washers.
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• All levels are equipped with fully extendable telescopic bearing rails made of AISI 304 stainless steel with safety lock for the end position of extraction of the drawers.
• The drying cabinet is compatible with the range of injection washing carts of the LAB 600 / LAB 610 series (washing carts are not provided with the drying cabinet)
• All levels can be removed to better suit the height of the glassware loaded.

Forced Hot Air Drying System
• Air circulation in the chamber, and through the injection system of the glassware loading shelves.
• Drying circuit dedicated to a homogeneous heat distribution inside the storage chamber served by a blower.
• Partial air recirculation to reduce energy consumption.
• 4.0 kW heating elements provide up to 140°C (184°F) air
• Dryer blower flow rate up to 250 m3/h (8.828 ft3/h)
• Dedicated air circuit for the 5 drying injection connections
• The filtration system composed by F5 (EN 779) class pre-filter.
• Easy filters maintenance with access from the frontal superior lifting panel equipped with gas pistons.

Microprocessor Control System
• The electronic programmable microprocessor allows to set the working temperature. It is provided with 2 adjustable drying programs set as standard with a duration time of 20 and 30 minutes.
• An additional program is dedicated to maintain temperature.

System Control Panel
• Digit pressure function buttons
• 3 character monochrome LED display

System Monitoring
• Temperature check by PT 1000 probe

Safety Thermostats
• Heating elements overheating safety thermostats.


• External frame and panels in stainless steel AISI 304
• Chamber thermal isolation by a mineral wool panels coating 50mm thick
• Drying chamber coating in polish stainless steel AISI 304
• HST temperate double glass hinged door reversible and configurable for right or left opening


Seismic Tie Down
• Anchors washer to floor

HEPA Filtration
• HEPA H14 filter with global efficiency M.P.P.S. 99,995% (EN 1822)

• A large variety of basket trays, injector racks, net baskets and specialty racks from the LAB 500 series washer disinfectors.

***Specifications subject to change.***

ModelChamber DimensionsExterior Dimensions Sound LevelElectrical Requirements
GD 60021.46 in (W)
27.75 in (D)
55.12 in (H)
27.95 in (W)
30.71 in (D)
74.8 in (H)
56.2 dB208V/60Hz