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Plant Growth Chambers

Geneva Scientific specializes in plant growth chambers and environmental test chambers used in new construction and renovation projects. However, we put an emphasis on laboratory equipment sales and installation services for customers and clients throughout the United States.

A Leading Supplier of Plant Growth Chambers in the United States

Over the years, we have grown to become one of the leading suppliers of plant growth chambers in the United States but we also offer a wide array of other environmental chambers, cold rooms, pharmaceutical refrigerators, laboratory fridges, freezers and ultra-low temperature freezers, seed germination chambers, fume hoods, laminar flow hoods, stability testing chambers, open air shakers and more.

Our sales and customer service teams walk you through the entire sales process from the initial request, right through the equipment or plant growth chambers. We help determine the best configuration of our equipment to meet our clients’ needs.

Over 25 Years Experience in Environmental Test Chambers & Lab Equipment Sales

Over our 25+ years in business, our knowledge base has grown with every application we help design with our in-house engineering and service team. In addition to sales, we provide installation by certified technicians and continue to service the equipment after the sale.

Geneva Scientific will provide lifetime support for customers in all industries including; universities, government institutions, small startups and large corporations.

Please browse our website for some of product availability or contact us if you are looking for something not listed on our site. With the industry ever-changing, we constantly have new products available at request.