Why Choose Geneva Scientific

Experience Geneva Scientific has been supplying quality lab equipment for over a decade. Some of our manufacturers have been providing equipment for over a century and continue to provide the industry with technological innovations. Knowledge We are here to guide you through the process of acquiring specific lab equipment. Our knowledge and specialized sales service will make the customer comfortable and well satisfied.


Our goal is to continue to serve the scientific community and improve labs everywhere.


Geneva Scientific is a strong force in supplying and servicing high quality lab equipment. We are here to provide support and guidance when purchasing your new lab equipment.


How Do We Save You Time? Geneva Scientific will respond to a customer within 24 hours of a request for quote. Detailed specifications for a majority of our products are listed on our web site.


Our sales staff has decades of service in the industry and would love to share their experience with you.


Geneva Scientific is a privately held company which strives on old fashioned customer service values. We take great pride in delivering top quality products on a consistent basis. Our company is ever expanding our lines to acquire new product to supply to you; our customers.