Vivarium Equipment - Bedding Dispensers & Disposers

Bedding Disposers

Depending on your needs and budget, Geneva Scientific can offer three types of Bedding Disposers.

Bedding Dispensers

Geneva Scientific provides both Automatic and Manual style bedding dispensers. Whether you are bedding 1200 cages per hour or 200 cages per day, we have the right solution for you.

Bottle Filling Equipment

Our equipment provides Bottle Fillers in two basic designs: Single Station manual feed (Model BF9016) and Gravity Conveyor feed (Model BF9110). Either unit is available in manual or automatic fill versions. All fillers are complete with machined jets and Stainless Steel legs, pans and splash guards. Units can be furnished with quick-coupled headers for use with several different bottle baskets.

Scrapping Stations

Our bedding scrapping stations provide a means of collecting the waste from small animal cages and trays in a container for removal and disposal.

Vacuum Waste

The 9400-Vacuum Waste Management System is specifically designed to handle potentially hazardous laboratory animal waste bedding.

Workstations & Tables

Geneva Scientific offers a large line of workstations and tables depending on your needs. Our tables can be either non-vented, backdraft, or downdraft and are all fully customizable. If you can’t find a table to meet your needs, please contact our design team.

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