Bedding Disposal Workstations & Downdraft Scrapping Stations For Sale

Downdraft Scrapping Station

Our bedding scrapping stations provide a means of collecting the waste from small animal cages and trays in a container for removal and disposal.

The units are designed to capture dust from the area around the scrapping grid. Capture ability will be dependent on volume and static pressure of the exhaust system* supporting the station. Designed within the station shall be air flow baffles to cause air flow to occur around the entire perimeter of the scrapping grid area.

Bedding Disposal Workstations

Cage cleaning and bedding disposal procedures are now simpler, safer and more productive with the Bedding Disposal Workstation. Specifically designed for the animal research laboratory, the mobile workstation protects personnel and the lab environment from exposure to allergens and unpleasant odors. The industry-exclusive hydraulic height-adjustable stand allows the work surface height to be adjusted to user preference therefore minimizing strain during repetitive operations. An integrated waste container enables direct disposal of waste items within the work zone.

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