Cage & Bottle Washers

Cage and bottle washing equipment is the perfect solution for laboratories, Vivarium facilities and other operations that work with animals on a regular basis. Designed to provide a thorough and in-depth cleaning and sanitation of cages, tanks and related equipment, these cage and bottle washing units by Steelco are designed to fit seamlessly into any lab setting and deliver reliable sanitation results time after time.

ModelChamber Dimensions
*single door models
External Dimensions
*single door models with door closed
AC 120030.12 in (W)
35.43 in (D)
44.49 in (H)
47.24 in (W)
39.37 in (D)
74.8 in (H)
AC 130061.02 in (W)
28.74 in (D)
44.49 in (H)
69.29 in (W)
32.68 in (D)
74.8 in (H)
AC 1400 61.02 in (W)
35.43 in (D)
44.49 in (H)
77.56 in (W)
39.37 in (D)
74.8 in (H)

Available in a variety of configurations and sizes to scale to your distinctive needs, each of these units deliver a powerful wash cycle with a guaranteed final rinse temperature of 185 degrees F (85 degrees C) thanks to an independent rinsing circuit. This means that you can trust all of your tanks, cages and other equipment and components have been thoroughly sanitized and cleaned, allowing you to conduct experiments without the threat of cross contamination or outside influence.

Standard Features

Each of these cage and bottle washing units offer a stainless steel construction both inside and out, delivering a corrosion-resistant design that will last through thousands of wash cycles. Units are also available with a choice of a vertical sliding door or a drop-down door, with pass-through options on some models (AC 1200 and AC 1400).

Items inside are sanitized through a power wash, delivered by an three-tiered arrangement of rotating spray arms, positioned at the bottom, middle and top of the washing chamber. An independent rinsing circuit helps ensure a consistent heat and pressure, while a multi-stage filtering system sanitized and cleanses rinse water to provide the highest quality clean. A self-cleaning filtration system with filter also recirculates wash water, helping to save on overall water usage. A washing pump pressure switch also allows more precise control of your water pressure to deliver the most effective clean.

These cage and bottle washers are also equipped with technology, including a tank and sump temperature check and a separate detergent tank that is level-monitored and fitted with a low-level alarm to alert you to the need to refill the tank. Each unit also comes standard with a single chemical dosing pump that is electronically controlled by a microprocessor. This means that each type of wash cycle is individually programmable to ensure the level of sanitation needed for any application. Finally, a printer connection is available through the included RS 232 port, allowing you to document sanitation procedures for record-keeping needs within your organization.

Additional Capabilities

Beyond the suite of standard features included in the AC series of cage and bottle washers by Steelco, Geneva Scientific can also help you expand your wash capabilities with additional options to customize the sanitization process to meet specific needs within your facility. For facilities with multiple chemical cleanse requirements, a second chemical dosing pump option allows for alternating or secondary washes. Pair this with an optional flow meter and have greater checking and validation of dose volumes to ensure a uniform and consistent clean.

Other options include steam or hybrid heating configurations and additional exhaust fan connections to comply with ventilation requirements, as may be necessary. A knock down configuration is also available to allow for more adaptive capacity, while a drain pump can help to ensure proper drainage of the unit. Finally, an integrated ST2 printer option can incorporate report production into the unit, removing the need for an external printer and making the unit fully standalone and compliant with reporting needs for your lab.

If you’re in need of a more modern and capable cage and bottle washing unit or need to expand the capacity at your facility, turn to Geneva Scientific to deliver the Steelco wash equipment you need. To find out more, to get a quote for a custom design or to place your order, call us today at 877-436-3827.

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