Laboratory Washer & Dryer Supplier

Between experiments, it’s absolutely critical that all reusable glassware, connection components and glass containers are properly washed, sanitized and dried to prevent any cross contamination or external influence on a controlled environment and conditions. That’s why having powerful and reliable laboratory washer and dryer equipment is a necessity in many modern lab facility. If you’re looking to replace aged wash equipment or invest in new glassware washers/dryers, you’ll find a diverse selection of options at Geneva Scientific.

Our inventory includes cage and bottle washers, cage and rack washers, glassware washers and dryers, and tunnel washers. No matter the needs and size of your facility, you’re sure to find the perfect solution for your lab environment at Geneva Scientific.

Cage & Bottle Washers

If your lab works extensively with animals, a cage and bottle washing unit can help you keep all containers and support equipment sanitized and contaminant free. Our cage and bottle washing equipment is specially designed to handle large animal cages and fish (aquatic) tanks, as well as food containers and water bottles used in conjunction with these containers. Capable of fitting tanks and cages up to 44.49 inches in height, these units are able to sanitize with wash water temperatures of up to 185 degrees F (85 degrees C) through the use of an independent rinsing circuit. Rinse away waste and residues and ensure clean containers and accurate results with the sanitation possible with new cage & bottle washing equipment from Geneva Scientific.

Cage & Rack Washers

Cage and rack washers are another solution that’s well suited to meet the needs of medium- and large-scale facilities. Capable of holding a wide range of racks, containers and equipment, these washers are outfitted with a range of standard and optional features to help ensure a comprehensive wash and sanitation cycle to deliver a consistent clean and trusted results. These cage and rack wash units are designed with inflatable gasket systems that ensure a uniform and impenetrable seal during wash cycles, preventing any cross contamination or leaking of the unit. The array of spray nozzles and spray arms ensure a consistent wash from multiple angles, while the programmable on-board computers can provide unique wash and dry cycles to accommodate your specific requirements.

Glassware Washer & Dryers

Beakers, test tubes, flasks, filtration equipment – the list of glassware used in the lab setting goes on and on, as do the needs to keep those components clean and sanitized between use. Fortunately, this line of freestanding and under-counter glassware washer and dryer units can meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Available as wash-only, dry-only and combination units, these washers and dryers are available in a variety of configurations to meet the needs of your laboratory facility. Choose from under-counter units that can minimize the footprint in smaller, more compact areas or freestanding units where space is not a factor. Ensure that all your glassware is properly cleaned, sanitized and dried for reuse with a new glassware washer and dryer unit from Geneva Scientific.

Tunnel Washers

Finally, for facilities with a heavy demand for routine wash and sanitation of animal cages and equipment, tunnel washing equipment can deliver incredible results. Capable of processing as many as 750 cages per hour, this multi-stage tunnel washing approach can be customized to meet specialized needs or requirements. Featuring a modular design, cages can be routed through five chambers – pre-wash, an acid or alkaline wash, a rinse and final rinse cycle, a blow down unit and final hot air drying module. Despite incredible wash power and high-volume capacity, these units are not only effective, but efficient as well, and can often provide a significant reduction in water use compared to traditional wash and sanitation equipment.

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