Tissue Culture Chamber – CU-41L5

Model: CU-41L5
Exterior Dimensions (WxDxH): 41” x 33.6” x 77.2”
Temp. Range (w/ lights on): 10-44±0.5
Interior Space: 37.2 cu.ft.
Total Shelving Floor Area: 34 sq.ft.
Maximum Growing Height: 7.2”
Light Intensity (6” from lamps): 200 micromoles/m2/sec
Number of Tiers: 5

Brochure: CU-41L5


*This chamber is specifically designed for tissue culture on plates/dishes or in flasks
*Many other applications exist for this product

Percival’s IntellusUltra Controller
*The IntellusUltra control system was purpose-built for controlled environments and is standard on all

Percival chambers.
*Robust and reliable, industrial-grade integrated hardware design
*Highly flexible architecture facilitates configuration, expansion and customization
*Precise, simultaneous control of up to 7 environmental parameters
*Industry-leading experiment protection and system diagnostics

PetriClear LED Lighting System (patent pending)
*Five tiers of lighted shelving lit by PetriClear LEDs
*Intensity programmable up to 200 μmoles/m2/s of light irradiance measured @ 6” from LEDs

PetriClear LED Lighting System (cont.)
*Programming and control of the lighting is done via IntellusUltra real time controller
*Dimmable between 10-100% output

* New SciWhite + Infrared technology lighting system designed
to prevent condensation from forming on petri dishes

*Conditioned air circulates through a rear wall duct and is picked up by a specially designed fixed air diffuser located at the bottom of each tier (air is then delivered vertically upward at a slow speed through each shelf)
*Air diffuser insulates shelf level experiments from heat generated by underlying light fixture (this design minimizes condensation on dish lids)

Cabinet Construction
*Interior constructed of 26-gauge galvanized steel
*Interior floor constructed of 24-gauge polished stainless steel
*Exterior constructed of 24-gauge Galvannealed extra-smooth steel
*NSF-compliant seam design
*Overall wall thickness is 2” (5.1 cm)
*Integrated floor drain
*Contains casters assembly and adjustable leveling legs
*One 1.25” access port with air-tight plug
*Highly durable and reflective coating

*Woodless construction using CFC free insulation (overall wall thickness is 2”, ample insulation for maintenance of stated temperature range)

*One door opening of 36.8” x 57.5” providing full access to chamber interior (magnetic gasket provides a tight seal to door frame)

Interior Space
*37.2 cu.ft. with work area of 34 sq.ft. provided on four shelves

*Four tiers of white epoxy coated steel wire shelving (each shelf is 27”D x 36.3”W)
*Shelves side in and out easily on stainless steel rail assemblies
*Maximum growing height is 7.2”

Temperature Range
*10°-44°C (±0.5°C) lights on and 2°-44°C (±0.5°C) lights off

*Self-contained air-cooled condensing unit with hot gas bypass system for continuous compressor operation, extended life and close temperature control (this continuous running condensing unit ensures precise temperature control by alternating cycling refrigerant and hot gas to coil; this also prolongs life of compressor, and eliminates risk of ice build up in coil)
*Solenoid valves have extended stem for quiet and long life operation
*Ceiling mounted evaporator coils incorporate twin air circulation fans in aluminum housing (heat rejection to ambient with standard chamber = 3,678 BTU/hr)

Temperature Safety Limit Controls
*Experiment Protection: Adjustable high and low temperature controls, audible alarms, and visual indicators provided
*Controls shut down all power to chamber, activating alarms (when the temperature returns to the normal range the system will automatically reset)

Electrical Requirements
*Consult Geneva Scientific for electrical requirements and amperage draw.

*Additive Humidity Control with Sensor
*Dehumidifier with Sensor
*IntellusUltra Connect
*Android-Based Touch Screen
*CO2 Enrichment Package
*Self-Contained Water-Cooled Condensing Unit
*Dry Alarm Contacts
*LED Lighting in Lieu of Fluorescent Lamps
*Convenience Receptacle

Exterior Dimensions (WxDxH)41” x 33.6” x 77.2”
Temp. Range (w/ lights on)10-44±0.5
Interior Space37.2 cu.ft.
Total Shelving Floor Area34 sq.ft.
Maximum Growing Height7.2”
Light Intensity (6” from lamps)405 micromoles/m2/sec
Number of Tiers5