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If you’re looking at our pharmaceutical refrigerators for sale, you likely have vaccines or other products you need to store at a specific temperature. Below, you’ll find several options with precision temperature control. There are also ones with alarms and several other features you might require.

Geneva Part #ModelTemperature Range(℃)Cooling Performance(℃)DisplayPower Supply (V/Hz)Interior Dimension
(W x D x H)
Exterior Dimension
(W x D x H)
PR49GHYC-10992°C ~ -8°C8LED220/501295*585*1500(mm) 1395*813*1981(mm)
PR31GHYC-9402°C ~ -8°C8LED220~240/50/60 1030*590*1425(mm) 1130*755*1980(mm)
PR22GHYC-5092°C ~ -8°C8LED220/50593*585*1500(mm)693*813*1981(mm)
PR14GHYC-392°C ~ -8°C8LED220~240/50&60530*555*1380(mm)665*710*1965(mm)
PR10GHYC-2902°C ~ -8°C8LED220~240/50&60530*555*1080(mm) 665*710*1665(mm)
PR1099GHYC-10992°C ~ -8°C8LED220~240/50&6050.98” x 23” x 59”54.92”x 32”x 79.3”
PR2GHYC-118A2°C ~ -8°C8LED220~240/50(60)515*415*630(mm)597*635*810(mm)

Pharmaceutical Refrigerator – Model HYC-1099

Haier Biomedical brings you this pharmacy fridge that can double as a hospital refrigerator. It has the following features:

  • Cabinet-style configuration
  • Automatic defrost and 290.3-gallon capacity
  • Microprocessor controller and sophisticated multiple-alarm system

This model gives you environmentally friendly hydrocarbon refrigeration technology. The USB interface, locking mechanism, and port are standard. It has precise temperature control, six sensors, and high-efficiency airflow.

Pharmaceutical Refrigerator – Model HYC-940

The HYC-940 is a pharmaceutical refrigerator unit with double glass doors and 235.1-gallon capacity. It comes with automatic defrost and these features:

  • Excellent cabinet temperature uniformity
  • Forced air cooling
  • Low battery indicator

This is the pharmacy refrigerator you want if you need adjustable shelves. It can accommodate vaccines or samples of any size. You also get a standard access port, multiple distinct alarms, and it informs you if the door is ajar.

Pharmaceutical Refrigerator – Model HYC-509

The HYC-509 is a single-door model with several shelves. It also comes with:

  • Six sensors
  • Automatic defrost
  • Reliable operation and pinpoint-accurate temperature control

The HYC-509 comes with remote alarm contact terminals. Lights flash to warn you of abnormal conditions. It also lets you know about power loss or a clogged condenser. It has zero global warming-contributing effects.

Pharmaceutical Refrigerator – Model HYC-39

The HYC-39 pharmacy fridge model has an upright design and a single door. It also features:

  • Forced air cooling capability
  • Standard access port
  • Multiple alarms for different situations

This model has great uniform temperature control. You can use the easy-to-understand USB interface to view temperature history. It comes with optional printer design, and you can adjust the shelves as needed.

Pharmaceutical Refrigerator – Model HYC-290

This one has a glass door, a USB interface, and an access port. You will also find:

  • An adjustable shelving system
  • Data temperature history feature
  • A backlit LED display

This pharmacy fridge has distinct alarms to let you know if any issues arise, like a temperature spike or door locking malfunction. The USB interface is easy to learn to use, even if you’re not the most tech-savvy individual.

Pharmaceutical Refrigerator – Model HYC-118A

The HYC-118A model has a 2-8°C temperature range. It’s a shorter, more compact unit than most other Haier models. It also has:

  • Outward-swinging glass door
  • Undercounter design to save space
  • Full 118-Liter capacity

It comes with alarms that warn you of sensor errors, the door being left ajar, or higher or lower temperatures than you specified. The flashing lights and audible buzzer will draw your attention if the unit detects a problem.

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