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We offer our customers in the medical and scientific fields several -30 biomedical freezers. Whether you’re most concerned about specimen security or storage size, Geneva Scientific covers you in both areas.

Shop our selection of -30 freezers here. You’ll find they’re suitable for blood plasma storage, specimens, test samples, vaccines, or anything else that needs precision temperature control that never fails.

Geneva Part #ModelTemperature Range(℃)Cooling Performance(℃)DisplayPower Supply (V/Hz)Interior Dimension
(W x D x H)
Exterior Dimension
(W x D x H)
30F45DW-30L1280F-10 ~ -30-30LED220~240V/50HZ52” x 29.6” x 49.6”60” x 42” x 78”
30F29MDW-30L818BP-10~-30-30LED100~240/50/6029.5” x 29.7” x 57.5”38.9” x 37.4” x 77.9”
30F29DW-30L818-10~-30-30LCD220~240/5029.5” x 29.7” x 57.5”38.9” x 37.4” x 77.9”
30F17DW-30L508-10~-30-30LCDN/A27” x 24” x 48.3”36” x 31.9” x 73.2”

-30 Two Door Upright Freezer – Model DW-30L1280F

This option, from Haier Biomedical, is a -30 lab freezer for those who like the upright, side-by-side model. It comes with the following standard features:

          • Constant refrigeration and auto-defrost systems
          • Air cooling technology for inside uniformity
          • Intelligent defrosting system that safeguards storage stability
          • Hydrocarbon energy-saving features

This side-by-side -30 biomedical freezer provides unprecedented cooling safety. It was a previous industry problem that temperatures would rise sharply when a fan-cooled refrigeration unit defrosted. This dual-system model relies on one side of the freezer for backup if the other side fails, ensuring sample safety.

-30 Two Door Upright Freezer – Model DW-30L818BP

This is another one of the -30 freezers that’s part of the Haier upright line. It is an Energy Star model with these features:

          • Stacked double doors
          • Power failure and high and low temperature alarms
          • Multilayer drawers for maximum specimen allowance
          • Fast cooling speed and shelf-style evaporator

This model would do well at a hospital, blood blank, research institute, or biomedical engineering facility. The five alarm functions ensure your specimens will never sustain any damage due to temperature fluctuation.

-30 Two Door Upright Freezer – Model DW-30L818

This -30 laboratory freezer has a double-door structure for easy access. You can also expect the following features:

          • Evaporator shelf cooling technology
          • LCD and alarm functionality
          • Microprocessor controller
          • Variable-speed inverter

This two-door unit has a dependable lock and an access port. It consumes very little energy and keeps the inside temperature uniform with even cooling distribution. It makes almost no noise due to its sound attenuation design.

-30 Two Door Upright Freezer – Model DW-30L508

This model complies with the European RoHS Directive. It also features:

          • Isopentane foam polyurethane insulation
          • Sound-reducing design so it’s whisper-quiet
          • Energy-saving, industrial-grade compressor
          • Far less power consumption than older models

If energy consumption concerns you, this is the freezer for you. Your lab can be eco-friendly with this option due to advanced, optimized hydrocarbon refrigerant. It also makes virtually no noise.

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