Lab Refrigerator Supplier for Hospitals & Medical Facilities

It makes sense that lab refrigerators for hospitals and medical facilities would be top sellers since such locales frequently need to keep their samples at a particular temperature. Haier Biomedical makes several such lab fridges, so they remain the industry standard.

With a laboratory refrigerator suitable for medical or hospital needs, you’ll probably look for energy efficiency. The size will matter, as well, since some facilities can accommodate an upright, side-by-side model, while others will most likely opt for a chest-style fridge.

Geneva Part #ModelTemperature Range(℃)Cooling Performance(℃)DisplayPower Supply (V/Hz)Interior Dimension
(W x D x H)
Exterior Dimension
(W x D x H)
PR49GHYC-10992°C ~ -8°C8LED220/501295*585*1500(mm) 1395*813*1981(mm)
PR31GHYC-9402°C ~ -8°C8LED220~240/50/60 1030*590*1425(mm) 1130*755*1980(mm)
PR22GHYC-5092°C ~ -8°C8LED220/50593*585*1500(mm)693*813*1981(mm)
PR14GHYC-392°C ~ -8°C8LED220~240/50&60530*555*1380(mm)665*710*1965(mm)
PR10GHYC-2902°C ~ -8°C8LED220~240/50&60530*555*1080(mm) 665*710*1665(mm)
PR1099GHYC-10992°C ~ -8°C8LED220~240/50&6050.98” x 23” x 59”54.92”x 32”x 79.3”
PR2GHYC-118A2°C ~ -8°C8LED220~240/50(60)515*415*630(mm)597*635*810(mm)

If you’re going to use one of the biomedical refrigerators on our site as a hospital fridge, you’ll probably want one that has alarm functionality to warn you if the temperature changes suddenly. The biomedical fridges that most interest you will also likely have multiple shelves. You might want a medical refrigerator with sound-nullifying technology so your team can more easily communicate as they go about their work.

If you need a refrigerator for hospital use, consider our biomedical fridges that can easily accommodate tissue and blood samples. We have several that will do the job perfectly. Haier Biomedical manufactures some medical facility fridges that also allow you to store vaccines before you utilize them or ship them elsewhere.

Outside of traditional medical facilities, you can also use our refrigerated units in pharmacies. Many pharmacies store vaccines these days in order to have them on-hand for walk-in customers, so having a precision temperature-controlled unit on the premises is a must.

Regardless of the environment you plan to utilize your lab refrigerator, you’ll undoubtedly want one that’s affordable and dependable. We only stock the highest-regarded fridge options that the medical and scientific community respects and appreciates. For more information, please contact us today.