SciBrite LED Plant Growth Chamber From Percival Scientific

Unleash the potential of your plants with Percival Scientific’s innovative SciBrite LED Plant Growth Chambers. These advanced chambers empower you to cultivate a thriving and controlled environment for various plant growth applications, from basic research to large-scale production. LED plant growth chambers are frequently used for research applications such as lighting for vascular plants to facilitate standard plant production, plant pathology research as well as seed germination and development. Many other applications exist for plant growth chambers

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ModelTemp Range Lights OnInterior Space (volume)Work AreaMaximum Growing HeightExterior DimensionsLight Intensity 6” from lamp# of Tiers LED Colors*
LED-30L110-44±0.59.6 cu.ft.
0.3 m3
3 ft2
0.3 m2
64.8 cm
31 in (W)
24.3 in (D)
46.1 in (H)
1400 micromoles/m2/sec14*
LED-36L110-44 +/-0.5 ºC29.7 ft3
0.8 m3
5.4 ft2
0.5 m2
48 in
121.9 cm
33.5 in (W)
33.6 in (D)
77.2 in (H)
1550 µmoles/m2 /s14
LED-36L210-44 +/-0.5 ºC29.7 ft3
0.8 m3
10.8 ft2
1 m2
21.6 in
54.9 cm
33.5 in (W)
33.6 in (D)
77.2 in (H)
1300 µmoles/m2 /s24
LED-41L110-44±0.537.2 cu.ft.
1.1 m3
6.8 ft2
0.6 m2
121 cm
41 in (W)
33.6 in (D)
77.2 in (H)
1850 micromoles/m2/sec14*
LED-41L210-44 +/-0.5 ºC37.2 ft3
1.1 m3
13.6 ft2
1.3 m2
20.5 in
52.1 cm
41 in (W)
33.6 in (D)
77.2 in (H)
1550 µmoles/m2 /s24

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SciBrite LED Technology:

  • Optimal light spectrums: Achieve precise control over light quality and intensity with configurable LED options, including up to eight colors for customized spectrums tailored to specific plant needs.
  • Energy efficiency: SciBrite LEDs minimize heat emission and significantly reduce energy consumption compared to traditional lighting systems.
  • Long lifespan: Enjoy reliable and long-lasting performance with minimal maintenance requirements.

SciBrite LED Series of Growth Chambers Offer:

  • Unmatched precision and control: Precisely regulate temperature, humidity, CO2, and light to create the ideal environment for your specific plants.
  • Uniformity and consistency: SciBrite LEDs deliver even light distribution throughout the chamber, ensuring consistent plant growth.
  • Scalability: Choose from a variety of chamber sizes to meet your specific needs, from benchtop research to large-scale production facilities.
  • User-friendly design: Intuitive controls and data logging capabilities simplify operation and analysis.

SciBrite LED Plant Growth Chambers Are Ideal For:

  • Plant research: Conduct precise and repeatable experiments under controlled conditions.
  • Seed germination: Optimize germination rates and seedling development.
  • Plant propagation: Increase success rates for cloning and propagation.
  • Controlled environment agriculture (CEA): Cultivate high-quality crops year-round in a sustainable and efficient manner.


Contact Percival Scientific today to discuss your specific plant growth needs and discover how SciBrite LED Plant Growth Chambers can help you cultivate success.

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