Biomedical & Laboratory Chest Freezers Supplier

Geneva Scientific offers a variety of biomedical freezers and laboratory chests to meet your research requirements. Not sure which option to choose? Reach out to discuss your needs and we’ll help point you in the right direction. We have chest and upright-style laboratory freezers designed to handle temperature requirements ranging from 0 degrees Celsius to -86 degrees Celsius. Our reliable, biomedical chest freezers are proven effective as storage solutions.

Geneva Part #ModelTemperature Range(℃)Cooling Performance(℃)DisplayPower Supply (V/Hz)Interior Dimension
(W x D x H)
Exterior Dimension
(W x D x H)
25F9 DW-25L262-10 ~ -25-25LCD220~240/50 480*465*1430(mm) 700*705*1665(mm)
25F3DW-25L92-10 ~ -25-25LCD220~240/50435*410*635(mm) 895*998*1980(mm)
30F45DW-30L1280F-10 ~ -30-30LED220~240V/50HZ1320*752*1260(mm)1520*1065*1980(mm)

What is an Upright Biomedical or Laboratory Freezer?

The medical and scientific communities use the upright or laboratory freezer for things like temperature testing and aging. They’re also useful for when you need to store samples for diagnosis. Some researchers use these super-low freezers to store life-saving vaccines, as well.

-25 Degree Celsius Biomedical Freezers  

We only carry the best freezers for scientific and medical needs when you must keep your samples cool at -25°C. Biomedical freezers that can accommodate this temperature are widely used in hospitals, clinics, medical facilities, and laboratories.

-30 Degree Celsius Biomedical Freezers

When it comes to cold storage solutions, five degrees can make a significant difference. Our -30°C freezers are also ideal for clinics, hospitals, labs, and medical facilities, and each model we offer is considered environmentally friendly.

What is a Biomedical or Laboratory Chest Freezer?

You can use a biomedical or laboratory chest freezer for blood plasma, test samples, vaccines, and various other biologic agents and specimens. It secures and stores any sample safely and effectively.

0-Degree Celsius to -86 Degree Celsius Chest Freezers

At Geneva Scientific Lab Equipment Solutions, expect to find all the freezers you need for your medical and scientific endeavors, ranging in temperatures from 0°C all the way down to -86°C. With these types of freezers, there are three distinct variations.

The Moderate-Cold freezer ranges from 0°C to -34°C. The Super-Cold variety is for samples that need storage at 0°C to -45°C. If you need extremely cold temperatures, you’ll likely want an Ultra-Cold temperature freezer. These ones range from -45°C to -86°C.

Whether your needs call for -25°C freezers or solutions much colder than that, allow Geneva Scientific to accommodate your climate control needs.