Environmental Test Chambers for Plant/Seed Growth

Our collection of environmental test chambers have a wide array of laboratory usage applications.  Designed for plant growth, seed germination, insect growth, and controlled environments for any additional applications.  We represent some of the top manufacturers in the space and have the knowledge and expertise to ensure you find the right equipment for your specialized requirements.

IntellusUltra™ Controller (applies for all equipment above except for CO2 Incubators)

The IntellusUltra™ controller is capable of controlling temperature, humidity, CO2 and lighting events. The controller is a single-board electronic solid-state design with vacuum fluorescent display and ten-key membrane touch pad control. Programs can be created and run in three different type of programming modes: diurnal, 24-hour, and non 24 hour circadian mode. The Diurnal mode allows user to specify day (start and end times) and enter day and night set points for temperature, humidity and auxiliary. All lights will be on during the day period and off during the night period and program will continually loop over a 24-hour period. The 24-hour program runs in real time and has 500 program steps and 50 total programs with ramping or non-ramping features. The circadian mode allows user to run in elapse time (either in ramping or non-ramping profiles,) from 1 minute to 99 hours and 59 minutes and has 60 total program steps and 20 total programs.

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