LED Plant Growth Chamber – LED-30L1

Model: LED-30L1
Exterior Dimensions (WxDxH): 31” x 24.3” x 46.1”
Temp. Range (w/ lights on): 10-44±0.5
Interior Space: 9.6 cu.ft.
Total Shelving Floor Area: 3 sq.ft.
Maximum Growing Height: 25.5”
Light Intensity (6” from lamps): 1400 micromoles/m2/sec
Number of Tiers: 1

Brochure: LED-30L1


*This chamber is specifically designed for plant growth light quality studie and other experiments requiring specific wavelengths of light
*Many other applications exist for this product

Percival’s IntellusUltra Controller
*The IntellusUltra control system (C8) was purpose-built
for controlled environments and is standard on all
Percival chambers.
*Robust and reliable, industrial-grade integrated
hardware design
*Highly flexible architecture facilitates configuration,
expansion and customization
*Precise, simultaneous control of up to 7 environmental parameters
*Industry-leading experiment protection and system diagnostics

IntellusUltra control graphical user interface
*A touchscreen user interface is provided as standard on all Percival Scientific plant growth chambers and allows users to interact with their controlled environment

IntellusUltra control graphical user interface (cont.)
in new and intuitive ways.
*10.1” IPS, high resolution display with 10-point multi-touch sensitivity
*Tabular and graphical presentation of chamber programs
and parameters
*Highly visible process values and alarm notifications
*Enhanced user feedback menus

SciBrite Lighting System
*Each lamp bank shall consist of SciBrite™ multi-color LED tiles
consisting of:
*Warm White (3500K) LEDs
*Red (650-670nm) LEDs
*Blue (451nm) LEDs
*Far Red (720-740nm) LEDs
*Light intensity vs distance for the colors referenced above:
*1400 μmoles/m²/s at 6” (15cm) from the lamp canopy at 24°C
*950 μmoles/m²/s at 20” (50cm) from the lamp canopy at 24°C
*Intensity breakdown by LED type
*Warm White (3500K) LEDs = 31.7%
*Red (650-670nm) LEDs = 29.5%
*Blue (451nm) LEDs = 23.8%
*Far Red (720-740nm) LEDs = 15%

Exterior Dimensions (WxDxH)31” x 24.3” x 46.1”
Temp. Range (w/ lights on)10-44±0.5
Interior Space9.6 cu.ft.
Total Shelving Floor Area3 sq.ft.
Maximum Growing Height25.5”
Light Intensity (6” from lamps)1400 micromoles/m2/sec
Number of Tiers1