Seed Germination Chambers

ModelTemp Range with lights onInterior Space (Volume)Total Shelving Floor AreaMaximum Growing HeightExterior DimensionsLight Intensity 6" from lamps# of Tier
GR-36L5-44±0.5 °C29.7 ft3
0.8 m3
76.5 ft2
7.1 m2
2.6 in
6.7 cm
33.5 in (W)
33.6 in (D)
77.2 in (H)
140 µmoles/m2 /s15
GR-41L5-44±0.5 °C37.2 ft3
1.1 m3
96.4 ft2
9 m2
2.6 in
6.7 cm
41 in (W)
33.6 in (D)
77.2 in (H)
120 µmoles/m2 /s15
GR-66L5-44±0.5 °C62.4 ft3
1.8 m3
153 ft2
14.2 m2
2.6 in
6.7 cm
66 in (W)
33.6 in (D)
77.2 in (H)
120 µmoles/m2 /s30

Laboratory Seed Germination Chambers

Designed for the rapid and healthy planting, seeding and growth of plants used in scientific experiments, germination chambers from Percival Scientific are designed with the laboratory in mind. Available in a range of configurations and designs, these chambers – available from Geneva Scientific – are the perfect way to add growth capacity and space to your facility or operation.

Durable Construction

Each seed germination chamber is designed to last for years, if not decades, of use. The exterior body of most cabinets is made using 24-gauge white galvanized steel, while the interior uses 26-gauge reinforced with 24-gauge backer plates. The walls each have a thickness of 2 inches, and are lined with foamed-in-place non-CFC insulation to ensure consistent temperatures are achieved and maintained inside the unit.

Each unit is also further protected from outside contamination or temperature loss through the door or doors, which close with a magnetic gasket to ensure a tight seal. This can be replaced with an optional glass door, as well, to provide direct visual access without needing to open the chamber. Different configurations also allow access through a 1.25-inch diameter access port or ports. The floors of the chambers also include a drainage system to make water control simpler, while the units’ legs offer adjustable height settings to ensure an even and level placement on any lab floor.

Ample Storage and Growth Space

These germination chambers also offer an abundance of space for plant experiments to grow and thrive during the seeding process and beyond, as needed. Units range from offering 29.7 cubic feet to 62.4 cubic feet of interior space, and with configurations providing six, 15 or 30 shelves for seedlings, there is ample room for even large experimental volumes. Depending on the configuration, plants also have 2.6 inches up to 8 inches or growing space, allowing you to use the chamber simply as an incubator for seedlings or for longer experimental growth periods.

Within the lab, these units have a modest footprint, as well. Chambers range in width from 33.5 inches for the smallest chambers up to 66 inches for the largest, while all units maintain a depth of 33.6 inches and 77.2 inches in height. Choose the model that best suits your lab space and experiment requirements to add all the room needed to achieve the results you’re looking for.

Climate Control and Maintenance

Every unit offers a full range of customization, maintenance and control using Percival’s IntellusUltra controller system, allowing for impressive adaptability and functionality. Light intensity from the fluorescent side-mounted light is measured at 6 inches in a range from 50 µmoles/m2/s to 75 µmoles/m2/s, depending on the unit, with intensity and dimness programmable by the controller. Optional humidity control can achieve high humidity levels when installed and connected with a demineralized water supply, allowing you to create air moisture conditions suitable for a wide range of experiments and growth conditions.

Temperatures inside the seed chambers is maintained with a top-mounted refrigeration system that is self-contained and easy to access for cleaning and maintenance. This unit allows excess heat to dissipate out into the room, while the compressor is designed to allow for continuous operation, ensuring temperatures are maintained constantly. Using an alternating refrigerant and hot gas to coil cycle, the compressor will run smoothly and maintain conditions inside while also eliminating the risk of ice buildup on the coil. Temperatures can be maintained between 5 degrees C and 44 degrees C with the use of lighting, and as low as 2 degrees C when lights are turned off.

Available Options

In addition to the standard included features, Geneva Scientific can customize your seed germination chamber with a wide range of additional capabilities and technologies from Percival Scientific. These include:

  • IntellusUltra Connect, offering remote management and Android-touchscreen operation
  • Pan-type humidifier and dehumidifier
  • Ultrasonic humidifier
  • Independent dehumidifier with reheat heaters
  • CO2 enrichment
  • Door with an observation window or fresh air ports
  • Dry alarm contacts
  • Dimmable lighting in open- or closed-loop control setups
  • Extended temperature range capabilities

Note: Not all options available in all units; additional capabilities available. Contact Geneva Scientific to discuss your specific needs.

Expand Your Capabilities with Geneva Scientific

If you’re looking to start, expand or replace your seed germination setup, let the experts at Geneva Scientific help. Give us a call today at 877-436-3827 to learn more about any unit or to discuss customized unit options for your laboratory.

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