Haier Biomedical

Company Profile

Haier Biomedical was founded to focus on design, manufacturing, marketing and sales of low temperature storage equipment for biomedical samples. Using the concept of IoT, the company has become a provider of comprehensive solutions for various biotechnological challenges. Operating globally, Haier Biomedical, the world’s only complete cold chain provider, has solutions storage for biological sample banks, blood safety, vaccine safety, medical supplies and reagent safety.

The company tackles new national and international challenges and meets high demands on blood supply management and vaccine safety, designing and implementing advanced intelligent global networks and safe solutions for IoT-based blood management systems and vaccinations.

Haier’s low-temperature equipment and sample management systems have been installed in hundreds of bio-storage banks around the world.  The company has significantly contributed to the advancement of the world’s biological technology and research. Haier Biomedical is the only complete biomedical low-temperature storage equipment service provider in the market, covering the entire temperature range from -196 ℃ to 8 ℃.

Haier Biomedical successfully creates a new synergy by combining its manufacturing with IoT-based biological and medical sciences and practices. The company is the driving force of innovation in product design and application. Its low-temperature storage equipment works with IoT-based technology to make it possible for product real-time monitoring and tracking, intelligent vaccination, and precise blood management. Haier Biomedical leads a new revolution in traditional manufacturing as well as innovative technology development.

Haier Biomedical’s “Key Technologies and Industrialization of Low-temperature Refrigerator Series Products” projects have won many awards such as the National Science Prize for Scientific and Technological Progress becoming the only company to receive the National Science and Technology Progress Award in the industry.

‌ In the context of rapid development of the Internet of Things (IoT), Haier Biomedical has comprehensively promoted the integration and innovation of IoT technology and low-temperature storage technology. Combining IoT software and hardware based on network communication and radio frequency identification technology with self-developed low-temperature storage products. Haier Biomedical updated traditional storage devices to the IoT solution, which effectively meets the needs of users such as clinical blood use, vaccination, and biobank application building the leading IoT technology ecosystem.

Haier continues to set the standard of excellence for low temperature storage equipment for biomedical samples, producing several lines of -86 ℃ Ultra Low Freezers, -40℃, -30℃ and -25℃ Biomedical Freezers, Combined Refrigerator/ Freezers, and Pharmacy Refrigerators.  Haier Biomedical, the world’s only complete cold chain provider, has renown solution storage for biological sample banks and blood management systems.

Each unit is built with the highest quality and dependability that is performance tested. Haier includes features not offered by other companies and is the preferred choice of medical facilities, universities, colleges, government institutions and businesses both domestically and internationally. Their dedication to excellence ensures customers the highest quality product upon which they have come to depend.

Terms and Conditions

Shipment and Delivery
Shipping dates are approximate and based on prompt receipt of all necessary information by customer. Haier shall not be liable in damages to the Purchaser for default or delay in the production or delivery of all or a portion of the order where such default or delay results either directly or indirectly from causes beyond our control. Our best efforts are put forth to make delivery within the time estimated, but failure to affect shipment as estimated will not be considered cause for cancellation and/or claims arising from such delay.

The acceptance of any order or specification and terms of payment are subject to the approval of the corporate office, and all sales contracts become effective only when approved and accepted in writing by the corporate office. Any variation in these terms and conditions shall not be binding unless in writing and signed by one of our authorized officers.

After acceptance, orders shall not be subject to cancellation by the Purchaser. A standard restocking fee may be applied.

Haier assumes no liability for consequential damages of any kind. The Purchaser, by acceptance of this equipment, will assume all liability for the consequence of its use or misuse of the Purchaser, his/her employees, or others.

All products manufactured are warranted to be free from defects in material or workmanship for a period of 12* months from date of shipment.

This warranty is limited to products purchased and installed in the United States. It does not apply to damage caused by accident, misuse, fire or acts of God. It does not apply to damage caused from failure to properly install, operate or maintain the product(s) in accordance with the printed instructions.

Extended Warranty Options: Optional warranty extensions available from Geneva Scientific.