Cage & Bottle Washer - AC 1400

Steelco AC 1400 is an efficient system able to wash and disinfect all types of animal cages granting an easy maintenance of the cages cleanliness and effective cleaning results with the thermal/chemical destruction of micro-organisms by rinsing at 85°C through an independent rinsing circuit.

Highest flexibility is granted by the compact design, which assures low cycle costs by reduced consumption of water and energy.

AC 1400 vivarium washer design provides an installation set for any facility:
• Single door
• Double door pass through

The washer can be equipped with dedicated accessories for the optimized loading of animal cages and washing carts with injection systems for bottles.

An optional configuration allows the effective cleaning process of aquatic tanks fully compatible with cage plastic materials and without chemical residuals after the rinse phase.

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– Door is made of AISI 316L (DIN 1.4404) stainless steel on the washing chamber side, AISI 304 (DIN 1.4301) on the external side
– Manual opening. The door is composed by two sections, the upper section opens with a sliding up movement, the lower one is hinged.
– The lower section of the door, when open, acts as a loading platform for the loading tray allowing a convenient loading and unloading job.
– Opening of the door during the washing cycle stops the execution granting the operator safety.
– In the double door version, the doors are interlocked.

– The lower loading tray slides on rollers and uses the door as a loading platform.
– Upper loading tray slides on fully extendable telescopic bearing rails.
– Standard loading trays are suitable for the washing of cages. An accessory upper loading tray allows the injection washing and rinsing of the inner part of animal feeding bottles.

– Washing chamber made in AISI 316L (DIN 1.4404) stainless steel
– Construction system with total removal of angles, self cleaning sump with rounded edges
– Sump provided with 18 kW power electrical heating elements

– The washing system operates with independent washing and rinsing hydraulic circuits.
– Washing water is loaded in the washing chamber sump and heated up to the temperature defined for the washing water.
– Rinsing water (demineralized) is loaded onto an AISI 316L pre heating tank placed under the washing chamber. Pre heating tank is equipped with 18 kW power electrical heating elements.
– Final rinse water for sanitation is heated up at 85°C / 185°F
– Temperatures in the sump and in the pre heating tank are checked by two PT1000 temperature probes.
– Four rotary washing spray arms, two on the bottom and two on the top of the chamber
– Four rotary rinsing spray arms, two on the bottom and two on the top of the chamber
– Two rotating washing and rinsing arms are dedicated to the middle upper level (in the single door version the arms are integrated in the loading tray)
– Spray arms made of AISI 316L stainless steel (DIN 1.4404)

– 2 x 2.0kW power pump, 800 l/min flow each dedicated to recirculation of the washing water
– 1 x 0.55kW power pump, 110 l/min flow dedicated to the rinsing circuit
– Pump activity is controlled by pressure checks on both the washing and rinsing circuits.

– The demineralized water at 85°C / 185°F used during the sanitizing phase dilutes the washing water solution. Helps in keeping the washing solution at the proper temperature allowing relevant savings in the energy and water consumption.

– Two (2) water line connections for cold/mixed or demineralized water.
– Water level sensor into the washing chamber.
– Water filtering system on three (3) stages
– First and second stage filters are easily accessible directly from the washing chamber.
– Automatic self cleaning filter on the third stage.

– Equipped with 1 dosing pump of chemical products, under a complete microprocessor control, with the possibility to modify the required products quantity in each cycle
– Check of chemical product quantity, with minimum level alarm

– AC 1400 is endowed with a stainless steel drawer for the storage of up to four (4) chemical tanks with 10t capacity.
– Level sensor check

– Possibility of up to 40 storable programs (user manual reports the list of the factory programs)
– Different programs can be programmed and selected directly from the control panel.

– Push button control panel
– 32 digit LCD display

– Constantly informs the operator regarding machine status, cycle phase, remaining cycle time to the end of treatment and the chamber temperature.
– At the end it points out that the cycle has been correctly processed.
– Audible and visual alarms provide quality control for each wash cycle.
– Water level sensor for water sump load
– RS 232 port for printer connection to monitor and validate washing cycle

– The electronic control panel is installed on sliding rails, access for maintenance is simplified.

– AISI 304 Scotch Brite finish Ra<40μin (Ra<1.2μm)

– Constructed using stainless steel and other materials which are resistant against the effects of aggressive detergents

– High performance melamine insulation guards against heat loss and reduces noise level

– Steam heating
– Heat recovery system
– Aquatic tank processing
– 2nd chemical dosing pump
– Steam extractor
– Steam condensor
– Drain pump
– Printer
– USB port
– Network Connection
– Variety of inserts
– Dedicated cleaning chemicals


ModelDoor Configuration Chamber DimensionsExternal Dimensions
*with door closed
AC 1400/1Single Door61.02 in (W)
35.43 in (D)
44.49 in (H)
77.56 in (W)
39.37 in (D)
74.8 in (H)
AC 1400/2Double Door Pass Through61.02 in (W)
38.19 in (D)
44.49 in (H)
79.33 in (W)
40.55 in (D)
74.8 in (H)