Cage & Rack Washer - AC 7000/3

The AC7000 series cage and rack washer is a heavy duty, large capacity, hydro-spray washer specifically designed to support the throughput of medium and large size facilities.

The vivarium washer is standard equipped with two preheating water tanks and two dosage units resulting in great flexibility to set up custom cycles.


Key Features
– Operator multi language touch screen control with auto-diagnostic check that constantly monitors and displays current cycles status and alarms, allows to optimize the washing process and to personalize machine programs. Up to 65 washing and rinsing programs available: 5 service, 10 memorized and 50 free programs are available.
– AC 7000 is available in single or double interlocked hinged door made of stainless steel AISI 316L with glass inspection window or in the full view glass door version granting easy visual inspection throughout the entire process.
– Both left or right hand door opening versions are available.
– Washing chamber and filter made of Stainless Steel AISI 316L, external body of Stainless Steel AISI 304.
– Can be manufactured following GMP requirements including FAT/SAT/IQ/OQ protocols.
– Washing pump pressure control.
– Flush self-cleaning filter for the recirculation of the washing water.
– Double chemical control dosing system.
– Data storage system and process control.

Chamber Sealing
– AC 7000 access doors are equipped with integral inflatable gaskets in order to provide a sealed chamber for SPF barrier application as well as for decontamination and sanitization cycles.

Spray Nozzles
– Detail of standard hybrid plastic/stainless steel nozzles and optional full stainless steel nozzles.

Oscillating Spray Arms
– Multiple horizontally mounted oscillating arms equipped with spray nozzles.

Wash Chamber Floor
– The washing chamber floor consists of heavy-duty stainless steel grating. Floor sections are easily removed for cleaning and maintenance.

Manifold System
– Automatic manifold for trolleys equipped with spray arms or injection systems.

Water Filtration
– The AC 7000 is equipped with a 3 level multi filtration system. The gross and fine filter placed in the bottom of the washing chamber remove particles larger than 0.08″ and 0.035″ respectively.
– The extra fine filter, placed in the inlet of the wash tank, is a back flush self cleaning filter for the re-circulating wash water that traps particles larger than 0.02″.

Optional Features
– Up to 6 chemical dosing pumps
– Drying system
– Chemical fogging facility
– Integrated printer
– Steam extractor
– HEPA H14 air filter
– Thermal disinfection at 90°C.
– Full glass door
– Manifold system for trolley docking with spray arms
– HPV – Hydrogen Peroxide Vapor facility
– Steam sanitization
– Please contact us for additional optional items

***Specifications are subject to change.***

ModelChamber SizeExternal Dimensions
AC 7000/343.3 in (W)
118.11 in (D)
84.65 in (H)
86.61 in (W)
127.56 in (D)
96.06 in (H)