Glassware Washer-LAB 500 SC

The LAB 500 SC is an under counter washer disinfectors designed to handle a wide range of laboratory glassware granting an automatic washing and thermodisinfection treatment.

This model has 2 separate washing injection connections allowing the use of dedicated upper and lower injection washing carts.

The upper level has telescopic bearing rails enabling the use of specific upper wash carts. The drop-down door provides a loading platform for lower and dual injection wash carts for a convenient loading and unloading job.

LAB 500 SC is available only in the stainless steel door version with electronic programmable microprocessor is capable of storing up to 10 washing programs: 5 standard pre-programmed cycles and 5 additional adjustable and password protected so the customer can configure specialized programs for their independent needs.

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Hinged Drop Down Door
• Counterbalanced for ease of operation, stainless steel AISI 316L (DIN 1.4404) washing chamber side, stainless steel AISI 304 external side.
• The door acts as a loading platform for lower and dual injection wash carts for a convenient loading and unloading job.
• Fully insulated to reduce heat loss and noise

Fully Extendable Load Bearing Arms
• The upper level has fully extendable telescopic bearing rails enabling the use of specific upper washing carts.

Washing System
• Two rotary spray arms, one on the bottom and one on the top of the chamber
• Up to three more washing arms in the available wash carts
• Spray arms made of AISI 316L stainless steel (DIN 1.4404)
• Easily disassemble washing arms for cleaning and maintenance

Direct Injection System
• 2 wash chamber connections for upper, lower and dual injection wash carts

Circulation Pump
• 1 unit 450 l/min (118.87 gal.US/min) pump
• Pump power 550W.

Filter System
• A three (3) stage filtration system helps protect recirculation and drain pumps from debris
• Filters are installed on all incoming water lines
• Filters can be easily removed for cleaning

Drying System
• Chamber drying by electrical heating elements located in the sump.

Steam Condenser
• Prevents vapors from entering into the washing area at a set temperature programmable from: 0°C – 93°C (32°F – 200°F)

Chemical Dosing
• Two (2) peristaltic pumps provide precise addition of liquid chemical agents
• Vacuum switch for checking chemical presence

Electric Heater
• 5.1 kW electric heating elements providing heating up to 93°C (200°F)
• Electronic Thermostat
• Two (2) independent PT1000 temperature probes

Microprocessor Control System
• Possibility of up to 10 storable programs, 5 standard programs, 5 user definable programs

System Control Panel
• Digit pressure function buttons
• 3 character monochrome LED display

System Monitoring
• Audible and visual alarms provide quality control for each wash cycle
• Water level sensor for water sump load
• Additional water level sensor to prevent wash chamber overflow
• RS 232 Port for printer connection to monitor and validate washing cycle

Drain Pump
• Independently operated drain pump for efficiently pumping out waste water


Locking Door
• Prevents interference with wash cycle once the machine is in operation.

Drop Down Door
• Eliminates the safety hazard associated with guillotine type doors.
• Counterbalanced for safe operation


The user is able to create unique programs to meet their specific needs. Listed are various phases that can be programmed and repeated into various combinations.
• Pre-Wash – The user is able to define the number of pre-washes, length of pre-washes and select between cold, hot and DI water or mix two sources.
• Wash – The user is able to define the length of the wash cycle, detergent dosing and dosing temperature, temperature of the water up to 93°C (200°F) and select between cold, hot and DI water or mix two sources.
• Chamber Flush During Drain – The user is able to define flush time execution during the draining of the chamber.
• Neutralization – The user is able to select the length of the rinse, the presence and the amount of neutralizer, temperature of the rinse up to 93°C (200°F) and what type of water is to be used, either cold, hot or DI water or two mixed sources.
• DI Rinse – The user can define the length of the DI rinse, temperature of the water up to 93°C (200°F) presence and amount of rinse aid.


Wash Chamber and Door Internal Side
• Constructed using AISI 316L BA Ra<30μin (Ra<0.8μm)
• Designed and constructed with smooth edges and corners removing areas where dirt can accumulate and allow bacterial growth.

• AISI 304 Scotch Brite finish Ra<40μin (Ra<1.2μm)

• Constructed using stainless steel and other materials which are resistant against the effects of aggressive detergents Insulation
• High performance melamine insulation guards against heat loss and reduces noise level


DI Booster Pump
• Provides proper water pressure for demineralized water supply

• For validating washing phases with detailed information
• External. Printer can be integrated on the front panel of an accessory side cabinet

Water Softener
• Softens incoming hot and cold water
• Programmable regeneration with low salt alarm

Drain Cooling Solenoid Valve
• Waste water is cooled to 60°C (140°F)

Seismic Tie Down
• Anchors washer to floor

Additional Dosing Pump
• One (1) additional peristaltic pump for dosing an additional type of chemical to meet specific wash requirements

• Flowmeters for additional chemical control

Conductivity Sensor
• Accurate measuring of the conductivity value during the final rinse

Boiler to Pre-heat DI Water
• 18 l (4.7 gal.) capacity
• Pre-heats DI water to a programmed temperature 0-93°C (32-200°F)
• Requires 600mm (23.62”) height stand or fully dedicated side cabinet (machine is built as a single 900mm (35.43”) wide unit

Extra Power 8kW
• Total machine power raised up to 8kW to shorten cycle times through reduced heating time in the wash chamber

• A large variety of basket trays, injector racks, net baskets and specialty racks

Validation Support Documentation & Services
• Installation Qualification and Operational Qualification (IQ/OQ) testing can be executed at the customer site.

Cleaning Chemicals
• A large selection of cleaning chemicals are available.

***Specifications subject to change.***

ModelChamber DimensionsExterior Dimensions Sound LevelWater Consumption (per chamber fill)Heat LossElectrical Requirements
LAB 500 SC21.85 in (W)
19.68 in (D)
26.38 in (H)
23.62 in (W)
24.8 in (D)
33.46 in (H)
52 dB3.1 gal1,111 BTU/hr208V/60Hz